Our Story

Hey there! I'm a Texas girl at heart, and I absolutely love all things related to crafting, farm life, DIY & country living.

My passion for these things runs deep, and it's what inspired me to revive my business called Country Girl Customs, which I originally started in 2012. I took a 5 year break from 2019-2024 while I owned/operated a franchised DIY business. After 5 years, I decided not to renew my franchise agreement & I closed my storefront in town in January of 2024. Now I'm back again to let my creative flag fly high and focus on what I am passionate about. 

Through Country Girl Customs, I aim to offer unique handmade crafts, personalized gifts/decor, and DIY inspiration that celebrates the simple joys of rural living. There is so much in the works and I cant wait to share everything with my tribe!

I have a rescue cow that has become a beloved member of my family. Taking care of Mamma Cow and tending to the land brings me a sense of fulfillment and a profound appreciation for nature's beauty. I absolutely love being a mostly stay at home farm wife & I document my day in the life adventures & DIY disasters on my personal TikTok page. I hope you follow along & become part of the family too!


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Meet Momma Cow

Mamma Cow was abandoned on our farm 3 years ago & we did not want her to suffer so we adopted her. She is a registered Black Brangus.

She showed up with 2 other cows who we quickly discovered belonged to the neighbors. We attempted to get the 3 cows back through the hole in the fence but Mamma Cow was limping & unable to keep up. She broke away from the other 2 cows and went deep into the thick woods. We figured she would make her way back to her herd & went about our day.

We did not live on the farm yet and did not see her again for 6 weeks. When we discovered that she was still on the farm she was very skinny & very skid-dish. When we called the neighbors they said "she was too wild, your property is too thick & she belongs to mother nature now". We did not want her to suffer so we adopted her.

I made it my mission to befriend her & boy was it a mission. It took me 7 months to get close enough to her to check her for injuries, all the time she still had the limp. After over a year we finally got her into a pen and were able to have her evaluated by a veterinarian. Sweet momma cow has Bovine spastic paresis (BSP) which is a sporadic, progressive neuromuscular disease that will end up being fatal.

I never gave up on her & she finally realized that I was her friend and not going anywhere. Now instead of running away from me she runs to me. Well, she Mamma Cow shuffles due to the BSP. She lives up by our house now & I love on her and sing to her and give her meds to keep her comfortable every day. Shes my best friend & don't know what I did before being a cow mamma.

You will see her image all around CGC because she is just too cute & lovable not to be include in my brand.